Where do I put my Shed?

It’s a question many ask, “Where is the best place to site my shed?” and the answer is always the same, “it depends on what you’re using it for.” Here are some points to remember when making this decision.  

Is a building permit required?  Check with your local planning office before you do anything – there’s no point going to all this effort and then having to move the building. Similarly, it’s a good idea to check on any restrictions in your neighbourhood or subdivision.
Please keep in mind the position of the sun.  If you’re locating a workshop in a hot climate, some shade might be in order. If you will be using the structure as a garden/potting shed then you might require some direct sunlight.
Similarly, if it’s a greenhouse or somewhere you’ll be working with plants, you’ll probably want there to be a water supply nearby. Running a water supply to the back of your lot would be uneconomical, so perhaps a location closer to the house?
Electric and phone lines may be a consideration too.  Again, perhaps a better idea is to locate close to the phone service?
It can get very muddy and wet in the winter, so locating the door of the building next to a path is a good idea.
To ensure the longevity of your building, keep an eye on trees or shrubs that might overhang the building.
You should position the building near a fence or wall with enough clearance to access all sides for the construction process and for maintenance after it is completed.

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